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Get your Provisional License from Healthcare Commission All Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Centers, Diagnostic Centers, Poly Clinics, Aesthetic clinics, Hair Transplant centers and General Physician Clinics,


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Regular License

Regular License is mandatory requirement for all Healthcare setups as per Healthcare commission Act 2010. It’s a very important in order to make, exercise and implement necessary standards important to Healthcare and Patient safety. Regular License is very detailed process involving not only Physical verification of all required standards but up to date records and trained staff. Physical verification form Healthcare commission teams spread over 1-2 days is part of Regular Licensing. You can get regular License only if you proof 100% compliance to all required indicators. In Inspection from Healthcare all Policy documents (SOPs) along with their implementation i.e. records are checked physically. All staff is required to be trained on their areas, requirements and records. All MOU’s are checked for completion and validity. Staff Training evidences are checked typically in form of Training report, pictures and especially their active involvement in inspection process. We provide full solution for getting Regular License of any Healthcare setup. It includes their complete Documentation, Policies, SOPs, Processes, Records, Forms, Meetings, Registers, Display material and important Notifications. Most important is that all Staff is trained their areas. We find it very use full when we interact 1 to 1 with every employee and train them in their respective area. Our Target is that all Healthcare staff adopts these important and mandatory standards given by Healthcare commission. They must clear any confusions related to documents and their implementation on daily basis. We wish that all staff is actively involved in licensing process and they get vocal and confident on final inspection day.

We develop customized documents (SOPs) for any Healthcare setup as per commission requirements, Print them and follow any amendments if needed from commission. We take complete responsibility of work until Regular License is extended from commission. Every Policy is developed separately and its implementation is defined in the light of commission requirements.

In order to complete compliance on all required MSDS indicators, we develop various form of records i.e. Files, Folders, Registers, Forms, Meeting & Training documents, Displays and Notifications.
They require continuous update and maintenance to ensure compliance. Various documents are updated on different frequencies i.e. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually and Annual basis.

Training of all staff on their respective areas as per commission requirements is very important. Compliance is ensured when all staff perform their duties completely as required.
We train Healthcare staff on their vital role in completing compliance requirements. They get trained on indicators related to them, MSDS requirements from them, SOPs, implementation, record maintenance, reporting structure and finally Safe service delivery.

In order to complete compliance to MSDS requirements Healthcare setup is required to display different Notices, SOPs, Maps and signs in their Healthcare setup facility. Moreover we ensure there is safe pathway for our patients and clean environment for health services provided. Most Critical is separation between clean and dirty areas of the healthcare setup and there must be no overlapping in between them. We visit in all over Punjab to ensure compliance to all required indictors.