HSMI provides complete Healthcare Quality Assurance services as follows.

Completing Registration & licensing Requirements

COVID Labs, Vaccination centers. Diagnostic Labs / Collection Centers. Hospitals, Medical Centers, Clinics. Radiology Centers Pharmacies Homeopathic Clinics Maternity Homes and Matabs.

Documentation, Processes and SOPs

Complete documentation and processes preparation. Customized SOPs for each Health center. Staff Trainings, Mock Drills and Inspection preparation

Licensing, Monitoring and Complaint Resolution

Licensing and Implementation. Monitoring and Sustainability. Complaints Processing and Legal AID.

Radiology & Medical College Compliance

Medical Commission Compliance Blood Transfusion Compliance Nuclear Authority Compliance

Internationl Quality Compliance

International Certifications External Quality Assurance ISO 2001 ISO 15189

Healthcare Business Development

Hospital Marketing (Networking, Commercial Penal Registration, Insurance Penal) Satellite Clinics & Medical Camps Digital Health Information Systems. Health Center Recruitment Services.

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HSMI is a health care consulting organization established in 2021, in the private sector with a group of committed professionals aiming to improve Quality and efficiency of healthcare service delivery in Health centers all over Pakistan.


* Registration & licensing Requirements
* Documentation, Processes and SOPs
* Licensing, Monitoring & Complaint Resolution
* Healthcare Business Development
* Internationl Quality Compliance
* Radiology & Medical College Compliance

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